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Tax Guide: What you need to know about “Form E”

Tax season is upon us again so here’s a quick tax guide on what’s Form E all about and some other information you need to know: 

1. What is “Form E”?
Put simply, Form E is an annual declaration report submitted by every employer to inform IRBM (or LHDN) on the number of employee’s income details every year not later than 31st March. 
2. Who should submit?
All Malaysian businesses regardless whether it’s a large, medium or small company is required to submit a Form E to the Inland Revenue Bard (IRB) via e-filing by the end of this month – 31st March 2021 — (Grace period extension till 30th April 2021 this year!)

3. What are the taxable income?
Wages, salaries, overtime, leave pay, fees, commission, bonuses, gratuities, perquisites, or allowances (whether in money or otherwise) including travelling or entertainment allowances.

List of benefits in kind that must be reported in Form E & EA (CP8D)

  • Payment of income tax born by employer
  • The value of the use of the company’s vehicle or handphone
  • The value of the living accommodation provided by the employer
  • Payment of utility bills born by the employer
  • Benefits and monthly bills for phone, mobile tablet and broadband subscription
  • Traditional medicine and maternity
  • Travelling allowance for official duties and personal use
  • Allowance or fee for parking
  • Allowance or subsidies for childcare
  • Fixed meal allowances
  • Payment of household expenses, food, club subscriptions, insurance premium, subsidised loans and school fees for children
  • Leave passages provided to employees on overseas or local trips
  • Discounted price for consumable business products of the employer
  • Discounted price for services provided by the employer
  • Subsidies on interest on loans totaling up to RM300,000 for housing, education or passenger motor vehicle. 

Now What Happens If You Fail To Submit the form within the stipulated filing date?— The penalty ranges from RM200 to RM20,000; imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months; or both.

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