When It Comes To Accurate And Timely Compliance, We’ll Keep Your Business Ahead.


As a corporate entity, you are required to file accurate and timely reports annually in a format compliant with regulations. While you focus on your strategies for business growth and profit, let us manage the behind-the-scenes accounting and reporting obligations.

Rest assured that GCA’s professional accountancy services will keep your business up-to-date with the latest accounting standards in Malaysia. We provide solutions and complement the effectiveness of our clients’ finance functions by leveraging on economies of scale and best practices used by the top accounting firms across Malaysia. Our dedicated team delivers on your accounting needs by working with technology accelerators to enhance and improve workflow by simplifying, standardizing and streamlining financial accounting processes. 


We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services in Malaysia and Singapore. Our accountants can prepare your accounts on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis for SST & GST preparation & submission, annual statutory audit and tax submission to Internal Revenue Board (IRB), also known as Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) of Malaysia and Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

Companies and businesses registered in both Malaysia and Singapore need to maintain proper accounts to comply with various requirements and legislation in their respective countries.

Proper bookkeeping ensures smoother accounts maintenance which facilitates audit of financial statements for the submission of annual returns and for compliance with bookkeeping and record-keeping requirements in the preparation and submission of the periodic monthly or quarterly SST, GST and yearly income tax returns.

For companies and businesses, it is important to maintain updated financial records of all business transactions. Financial records are useful for day to day business references and are important for the entire accounting process. As such, bookkeeping is necessary for any business. Bookkeeping services involve the process of taking in, grouping relevant financial documents, referencing and recording all financial transactions of a business or company through proper accounting methods.

Information gathered from bookkeeping also enables various accounting reports to be generated such as income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and other management reports which provide insight for efficient financial management and in turn better business decisions.

We assign dedicated staff to our clients for their bookkeeping requirements. Bookkeeping job scope includes maintaining full set accounts, accounts receivables, accounts payable, bank reconciliations and more. 

Why Choose Our Bookkeeping Service?

Save your time to focus on core business activities.

Cost effective bookkeeping services with flexible cost structure. As the bookkeeping is done on clouds, with all the necessary accounting infrastructure ready, our clients just need to send their documents to us to start their bookkeeping in no time without any expenses to build and maintain own accounting department.

  • As our clients grow bigger, we are able to provide flexible customizable accounting services and solutions
  • We ensure better confidentiality by assigning dedicated staff to handle bookkeeping for specific clients
  • Knowledge pool of our experienced personnel offering various accounting services
  • Independent third party advice and opinion
  • Up-to-date accounting and related standards, rules and legislation
  • Up-to-date accounting technology.

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We're happy to provide a non-obligatory consultancy to you!

Our trusted advisors will provide you with expert advice on any issue such as but not limited to below:

  • Setting up your business accounts and bookkeeping system.
  • Wanna know what expenses are tax claimable, deductible and more.
  • How to form and/or register a business or a company.

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